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Enroll in Group Classes

*Fall 2018 Schedule will be published by June 1st, 2018

Trial: Group Classes $25Purchase required to enroll

A trial class allows your child to meet the teacher and experience a sample lesson. It is a great way to test drive a class / lesson without the concerns of a long term commitment, and introduce your child to a new environment.

Music Together: Demo Class in Fall 2018! Free

Not sure about enrolling in our group class yet?

Experience a FREE Music Together demo class with our teacher.

Fall Session: Music Together (Ages 0-5) - 11 weeks $264Purchase required to enroll

Join Music Together!

Music is a universal language. It transcends boundaries and reaches beyond culture to touch the depths of our souls, express our common emotions, and inspire us all. New serving more than 3000 communities in over 40 countries, Music Together connects families and communities across the globes as they express and explore our basic human instinct for making music. Are you ready to make some music together?

To learn more about Music together program, please visit http://music4families.yourvirtuoso.com/

Fall 2018 MYC: Sunshine (Ages 3-4) $300Purchase required to enroll

Sunshine is a keyboard program for ages 3-4 and the starting point of the MYC® Method, building their foundation in music reading and playing the piano. Students experience movement through beats and rhythms, as well as developing their fine motor skills with rhythm instrument ensemble playing. Children start learning the geography of the piano and note-reading through our MYC Critters (and their stories that children can relate to). By the end of the Sunshine program (after 36 weeks), children are able to play their first scale (C Major) and are reading from the staff. Their pre-reading experiences such as identifying like/different sorting, patterns, and reinforcing and recalling the music concepts through fun at-home activities with gluing and coloring are all part of this level.

Fall 2018 MYC: Sunbeam (Ages 5-6) $300Purchase required to enroll

Sunbeams is the entry point of the MYC® Method for ages 5-6. They are first introduced to piano geography and rhythms through our MYC Critters to help set their foundation of music knowledge and education; however, the pace of learning for these Sunbeams matches their developmental stages. Vocabulary development is the focus for this age group - at this stage we introduce “big kid” terminology to introduce concepts, finger numbers, and keyboard geography.

Fall Session: My Little Mozarts (Ages 4-5) - 12 Weeks $490Purchase required to enroll

My Little Mozarts is a beginner music class specifically designed for the preschool age group! This curriculum provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the enjoyment one receives from the process of music making. The course centers on the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse™ as they learn about music. Skills taught include keyboard performance, listening, pitch matching, keyboard technique, singing, rhythm, movement, and music appreciation. Children will play pieces at the piano.

Fall Session: My First Piano (Ages 5-7) - 12 Weeks $490Purchase required to enroll

My First Piano Group Class is a 12-week beginner piano class specifically designed for students with no musical experience. Students will learn to play simple tunes on the piano. Each lesson will include solfege singing, keyboard playing, note reading, rhythm ensembles, ear training and homework. The goal of the class is to prepare students to continue with private lessons.